About the Project

Wszytsko Co Najważniejsze is what the opinion-forming weekly magazines were before the expansion of the Internet. It refers to the times and style prevailing before the widespread acceptance of the rush, the mediocrity and the black and white expressiveness.

Here you will find the most interesting reference authors: scientists, artists, philosophers, politicians, diplomats, lawyers, managers, explorers and social innovators as well as life’s gourmets and creators of a change. Their texts, analyzes, expert’s reports, photos and images are original. Deep. Thoughtful. Inspiring. The focus is on everything that currently matters most.

.Wszystko Co Najważniejsze is something more than a weekly opinion website. You can find here debates, discussions, mentoring workshops which build up intellectual potential. It is the most opinion-forming public group in Poland which co-operate with opinion leaders.

Not quantity but quality is what is the most important for us. We are not concerned with the coverage and “clicks generating”, but we most care about the depth of both: texts and relations with Readers. What counts for us is intellectual feast of the highest quality, not info-fast-food – the later you may find without any problem elsewhere. You will not be exposed to advertising. We value transparency and credibility.

.Wszystko Co Najważniejsze is the intellectual harbor. Texts about difficult and uncommon topics – such as industry and area development strategies – gathers wide range of debaters around whom we initiate various debates. Among others, these are periodicals and projects carried out in cooperation with our partners.

Wszystko Co Najważnejsze is a community of more than 550,000 readers every month allured by and interested in the highest quality analyzes, opinions, expert opinions. There are more than 700 Authors (still new, we invite you warmly!) and several dozens of thematic lines.

Wszystko Co Najważniejsze is also a highlight growing group of Readers who decide to enjoy the privileges of a free, yet more exclusive, Premium Account [LINK].


.EDITORIAL BOARD: Prof. Michał Kleiber (editor in cheaf), Michał Kłosowski, Marcin Jakubowski, Prof. Tomasz Aleksandrowicz, Jean-Paul Oury (Paris), Tomasz Rycharski, Maria Wanke – Jerie, Małgorzata Wanke – Jakubowska (Wrocław 2050), Grażyna Śleszyńska, Andrzej Stańczyk (Translation), Anna Prus (editorial secretariat).

ADVERTISING, MARKETING, MEDIA PATRONS: Magdalena Kozłowska-Riedl (mail).

Wszystko Co Najważniejsze is implemented by the Fundacja Instytut Nowych Mediów, registered by the District Court for M. St.Warsaw. KRS: 0000468950. REGON: 146765838. NIP: 7010387004. Title entered in the press register under PR 19 011, registered by the District Court in Warsaw. The title was registered in the International Information System for Continuous Publications and is denoted by ISSN 2449-7991. Address of Foundation and Editorial Board: Instytut Nowych Mediów, ul. Marii Konopnickiej 6, 00-491 Warsaw.