Piotr GLIŃSKI: Hyperloop journey between Lodz and Warsaw will take only 6 minutes.

Hyperloop journey between Lodz and Warsaw will take only 6 minutes.

Photo of Prof. Piotr GLIŃSKI

Prof. Piotr GLIŃSKI

Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

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Representatives of the Polish government have been working on the project of the Lodz Expo 2022 candidature for months to make it as attractive as possible to the challenges of the modern world – Piotr GLIŃSKI speaks during the presentation of EXPO 2022 project.

I can assure you that we are ready to host the Expo 2022 in Łódź, both financially and in the means of infrastructure. City dwellers wait for the first exhibition in this part of the world!

I am deeply convinced that this event will be also of great interest to all countries in the world, nowadays facing the difficulty of not answering the question of how to improve the quality of life in the public sphere.

The exhibition will be extremely sophisticated due to the unique theme we have chosen and called “City Re: Invented”. The selection of the city for the role of exhibition host will make Lodz – a place of inspiration and innovation becoming also a place where new government strategies and local initiatives will be implemented. We believe that the discussion launched at Expo 2022 will be the basis for change in many countries.

We wish that the exhibition in Poland will contribute to the development of cooperation between countries and continents. The history of the city of Lodz makes aspects such as infrastructure available for use by local and international communities.

We plan to complete the architectural design of the Festival and Congress Centre created by Frank Gehry, a world-famous artist, whose family is closely associated with Lodz and who gained fame by designing the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. This centre will become a symbol of Expo 2022 in Poland and after the exhibition will remind the whole world about the event that took place in our country.

We also want to show how revitalisation can coincide with modern technologies and innovations. That is why we are building a hyperloop (vacuum railway), which will be part of Expo 2022. After the exhibition, the road will be extended from Lodz Fabryczna Railwaystation to Warsaw. Thanks to the dedicated infrastructure, the Expo 2022 guests will have the opportunity to fully experience the power and capabilities of new technologies, and make travel experiences using the augmented reality. After that, a 120 km journey between Lodz and Warsaw will take only 6 minutes.

How to deal with growing cities, how to deal with ruined places? How to restore life? And finally, how to create urban spaces, given the changing habits of people and how they function now? These are the questions we want to ask in Poland and we invite you to seek the answers together when you visit our beautiful Poland.

Piotr Gliński

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