Andrzej DUDA: Expo 2022 Łódź, Poland.  A carefully thought-out and prepared candidature

Expo 2022 Łódź, Poland.
A carefully thought-out and prepared candidature

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Andrzej DUDA

President of the Republic of Poland.

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.More than 160 years after the first international exhibition, here it is, the Polish pavilion opens its doors in Astana, in the heart of Eurasia. We want to take advantage of the Expo’s leading theme, “Energy of the Future”, to tell the world about Polish achievements. Indeed, Poland is a country able to create modern technologies arousing global enthusiasm.

Here, in Kazakhstan, we are going to showcase – in line with the leading theme of the Expo itself and that of the Polish exhibition in particular – a number of new developments in the field of energy of the future. These include, among others, clean coal technologies, ways of producing energy from biomass, innovations in mining machines, energy market digitisation solutions, buildings of the future, or ways of redevelopment of former industrial sites.

Energy is essential for the economy and other spheres of contemporary life. An intelligent and modern approach to searching for energy sources bears considerable importance for sovereignty. Today, energy sovereignty can be built not only based on a source of energy, but also on new technologies. I am confident that Polish local government representatives, scientists and experts, participating in this Expo, will gain valuable experience from which we will benefit in the future.

Poland is applying for the right to organise the Expo 2022 in Łódź. I do believe that it will be granted it, because the Polish candidature has been carefully thought out and prepared.

To become attractive, welcoming and safe places, both inhabitants and visitors, cities must keep reviving, renewing and developing according to the principles of social cooperation.

The theme we proposed, “City Re: Invented”, refers to the universal challenges facing cities around the world.

Such are the cities we want to talk about during the Expo in Łódź, in Poland. When I look at the dynamically changing city of Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, a country so close to Poland, I am sure that the Expo in Łódź will bring our two nations ever closer together.

The government is working to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Poles and ensure further  development of Poland. For the greatest asset of our country is our human potential – education, creativity, entrepreneurship and readiness to work hard. This is why the Polish slogan at the Expo 2017 in Astana is “Smart Energy”, but above all “Creative People”.

Let me encourage you to make contacts with Poland and to engage in cooperation in all fields, and especially in business. In my capacity as President of the Republic of Poland, I am supposed to actively promote Poland abroad. Economic diplomacy is a major part of this mission.

Andrzej Duda
Excerpt of the speech given at the opening of the Polish Day during Expo 2017 in Astana.

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