Éric ZEMMOUR: It is time to restore French law to its primacy over European law

It is time to restore French law to its primacy over European law

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French writer and political journalist, regular columnist for "Le Figaro". Author of, among others, "French Suicide" and "French Destiny". Graduated from the Institute of Political Sciences in Paris.


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Yesterday, the Polish Constitutional Court has ruled that several articles of European treaties are incompatible with the Polish Constitution. The court considers that the European institutions act beyond their field of competence. It has asserted the superiority of Polish constitutional law over European law.

In reaction, the European Commission has declared the superiority of European law over national law and over national constitutional courts. As punishment, the Commission plans to block European funds provided for by the recovery plan (24 billion euros in subsidies).

These thinly veiled threats constitute a serious attack on the political freedom of this country.

By placing Polish constitutional law above European law, the Polish Constitutional Court is only exercising its rightful prerogative: to decide which laws apply in Poland and which do not.

The European Commission does not understand it that way. As always, it does not hesitate to use threats and blackmail to bend certain member states. The countries targeted by the European Commission are always the same: those which are considered ideologically divergent and which must be put back on the right path through coercion and blackmail.

Legal arguments presented by the European Commission put at stake the very sovereignty of the peoples of Europe. ​It is up to the peoples of sovereign nation-states to determine which laws apply on their territory. I fully support the Polish people and their government in asserting the autonomy of their legal order.

In France, we must draw all the consequences of this federalist coup attempted by the Commission in Brussels with the tacit support of the current French government. France must refuse to allow foreign courts to impose their policies and ideology on it. It is time to restore French law to its primacy over European law.

The European Commission is performing a violent legal assault against the peoples who reject its ideological line. It is urgent that France joins these nations in their fight for freedom.

Éric Zemmour

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