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Centenary of John Paul II

He was formed all from freedom. Freedom, based on God and faith, that took a key place in his social teaching. After all he spoke in a strong voice in defense of the poor and the oppressed, but he was also able to shout with a firm word, draw attention to some evil he saw. Then, we were clapping at that time when he spoke ... Was that right? John Paul’s absolute freedom is difficult to learn even, to understand, but it is crucial - especially today - not only because he brought the world out of communism, but also because he brought the Christ into it.

In our time there are more and more enslavement. Reducing John Paul II solely to the role of a liberator, a world leader, seems somehow harmful. And although many have tried to rethink the legacy of Karol Wojtyła - on the 100th anniversary of his birthday.

Are we missing something? After all, he was not only a brilliant mind, not only a giant of the spirit, but also a beautiful person, whose smile and voice we remember as if we only saw each other yesterday. For many – in Africa, America or Asia – was Pope John Paul II the first to visit those countries, leading Christianity out of the Eurocentric clinch.

After all, maybe this is freedom? A constant return to faith and eternal values, which John Paul II preached even in the most difficult times?


Magazyn idei "Wszystko Co Najważniejsze" oczekuje na Państwa w EMPIKach w całym kraju, w Księgarni Polskiej w Paryżu na Saint-Germain, naprawdę dobrych księgarniach w Polsce i ośrodkach polonijnych, a także w miejscach najważniejszych debat, dyskusji, kongresów i miejscach wykuwania idei.

Aktualne oraz wcześniejsze wydania dostępne są także wysyłkowo.